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Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Domain Validated SSL (DV) are the fastest and simplest way to secure a website.
DV SSL Certificates are also most affordable SSL certificates.
DV SSL Certificates can secure website up to 256bit encryption.
It is the easy to obtain Domain Validated SSL as it require just an email to obtain.
The CA just require proof of ownership of a domain by the person acquiring the SSL certificates through a file based validation method to prove access to the server the domain is hosted on.

Organization Validated SSL Certificates


Organization Validated SSL Certificates (OV SSL) is for businesses’ websites.
The OV SSL require extra vetting to prove that not only does the applicant own the domain name but also the business is legit and fully registered.
The Issuance process usually takes a few days.
Secures the website with up to the highest 256 bit encryption.
The OV SSL certificates are more trusted since they confirm the business or organization identity in the SSL Certificate details.

Wildcard Domain SSL Certificates

Wildcard Domain SSL Certificates are provided to websites with subdomains.
Wildcard Domain SSL allow one SSL to be used to cover multiple subdomain on the same domain name.
Wildcard Domain SSL allow the customer to save since they only have to acquire one SSL that will be used to cover other subdomains on the same domain name.
Secures the website with up to the highest 256 bit encryption.
Wildcard Domain SSL certificates comes in all form like Domain Validated, Organization Validated and Extended Validated.

Multi-domain SSL Certificates

Multi-domain SSL certificate is one SSL certificate that covers several domain names.
The Multi-domain SSL Certificates may be popular with webhosting companies or companies running several websites or domain names.
Secures the website with up to the highest 256 bit encryption.
Multi-Domain SSL Certificates comes in many forms including as Domain Validated SSL, Organization Validated SSL and Extended Validation SSL.

Multi-domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

A combination of Multi-domain SSL and Wildcard SSL Certificate.
Multi-domain Wildcard SSL Certificates is offered by just a few of the CAs due to its complexity.
Secures the website with up to the highest 256 bit encryption.
Multi-domain Wildcard Certificates means one SSL certificate that covers many domain names and as well as their subdomains.
Multi-domain Wildcard SSL Certificates are issue as Organization Validated and Domain Validated SSL Certificates.

Extended Validated SSL Certificates

This is the green bar SSL certificate.
This is the highest form of SSL Certificate provided by CAs, it is the most trusted SSL on the internet.
Issuance can take up to weeks.
Extended Validated (EV SSL Certificate) is issued to entities that meet a certain criteria only after a rigorous verification process.
The domain must be owned the particular organization applying for the EV SSL certificate.
The organization must be Legit, fully registered in the country, the business must further be listed in verified directories, and the business must also be registered with respective professional bodies.
The organization must further prove operations for the last 3 years through bank statement or otherwise.
The process also require certification by a certified Attorney.
EV SSL Certificate verification also verify the physical presence of the organization.
Secures the website with up to the highest 256 bit encryption.

Email Signing SSL Certificates

There is increased communication and transaction via internet and emails are central to these communications and transactions.
Email Signing Certificate verify the identity of sender and receiver.
When an email is sent the Email Signing SSL Certificate signs the email with a unique key that can only be decrypted by the authorized receiver.
This ensures secure email transmission, the email cannot be tapped and changed while in transit.
It is a fast and simple way to secure emails.
The email signing SSL certificate also digitally sign Microsoft Word documents.