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March 26, 2021
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How Much Does Website Security Cost?
May 10, 2021
Check Website Security Level

In this guide, I will show you how to check website security level using Sucuri.

But first, a brief introduction of the tool.

What is Sucuri?

Sucuri is one of the best website security tools out there.

It offers sophisticated free website scanner tools, Sucuri SiteCheck that help look for;

  • Viruses.
  • Blacklisting status.
  • Website errors.
  • Out-of-date software.
  • Malicious code
  • Malware

All you have to do is input your website URL and it will perform a quick scan. 

Besides giving you a report on your website security status, Sucuri SiteCheck also scans your site for vulnerabilities.

And then suggest ways you can improve security.

More importantly, if you are using WordPress to power your website, Sucuri has a free plugin you can install.

Both the SiteCheck and the plugin are 100% free.

But if you feel like you need a firewall, Sucuri offers the same as a paid addon.

How To Check Website Security Level On SUCURI

With that mentioned, let’s look at how the tool actually works.

First, go to

Check Website Security Level

Type your website URL on the spaces provided;

Check Website Security Level

And hit Scan Website.

After something like 10-30 seconds, the scan will be complete and you will get a report.

Check Website Security Level

The reports tell you where your site has;

  • Malware
  • Blacklisted or not
  • General website security level

Additionally, Sucuri gives you suggestions on areas to focus on to improve the security of your website.

Check Website Security Level

Why should you use Sucuri to check website security level?


  • Gives you a simple report you can easily interpret and understand.
  • It’s 100% free.
  • There is a free plugin for WordPress users. 

The only con I could find about this tool is the fact that it has a rather shallow report.

In fact, it doesn’t scan your website files.

Rather, goes through the front-end of your website.

Alternative tools

Other tools you can use to check website security level include;

  • Mozilla Observatory
  • Detectify – paid security tool
  • SSLTrust – tests your site against a huge collection of third-party tools/blacklists
  • WPScan -This is a WordPress vulnerability checker sponsored by Automattic


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