Corporate Website SSL Certificates.

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November 29, 2018
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December 17, 2018
EV SSL support corporate website SSL Certificates. Recommended corporate websites SSL certificates are

Organization validated SSL Certificates  

Organization Validated SSL for corporate is issue to validated organizations. Organization Validations checks

Domain ownership by the organizations

Physical presence in the particular country

Registration by major directories

Contact Verifications

The SSL certificate bears organization name on the SSL certificate properties.

Order a OV (Organization Validated) SSL at

Takes 1 – 3 weeks


Extended Validated SSL Certificate

This the green bar SSL certificate that bears the company name on the address bar. This is issued after thorough vetting and validation of the business. Some of the key validations include:

3 years of existence

Physical presence in the country verification

Verification to be in the particular industry

Verification through a practicing registered lawyer/Attorney

Takes 1 – 6 weeks through local partners guide clients through the validation process.

Order EV SSL certificate for your corporate organization Security, Trust and Image

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