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Free Website, Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate

Last updated on February 24th, 2021 at 06:12 am

Free Website, Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate.

In the last 5 years there has been great technological advancements in the world. Cloud computing in particular has experienced tremendous growth that has seen both the speed of computing and the cost of cloud change positively.

Innovation have contributed to bigger computer power and large memory in the personal computers and servers with no substantial price increases. Consequently cloud application execute faster and at much bigger scale. This development is highly valuable now than ever with the rapid growth of internet users, more than half the global population use the internet.

Domain Names

There are more than 366 million domain names registered as at March 2020 according to VeriSign and approximately 1.7 billion websites according to Internet Live Stats. There has been greater breakthrough with cheap and free TLDs in the market.

Some of the cheapest Domain TLD in the world today according to Truehost Cloud include:

asia for $0.88/year

.auto for $2.00/year

.best for $2.99/year

.blue for $2.88/year

.buzz for $1.85/year

.car for $2.00/year

.casa for $1.99/year

.club for $1.00/year

.fun for $1.59/year

.host for $1.99/year

.inc for $1.00/year

.live for $1.99/year

.me for $1.00/year

.online for $0.80/year

.protection for $2.00/year

.rich for $2.00/year

.security for $2.00/year

.site for $2.00/year

.space for $1.38/year

.surf for $1.99/year

.top for $1.38/year

.voting for $1.00/year

.website for $1.49/year

.world for $1.99/year

.xyz for $0.75/year

.icu for $1.00/year

Free Website, Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate

More importantly there several free TLD in the world today that contribute to more than 30 Million of registered domains. Some of the popular free domain TLD includes:






TK domain name extension has been most impressive registering over 26 million domain names as at July 2020.


Because of the high internet growth, Web security has been a great concern, there has been need to encrypt the entire internet. Encrypting the entire internet was uniquely hard at first due the cost of SSL certificates. However, the internet computed has worked together to come up with free SSL certificate and thereby make massive strides towards encrypting the entire internet.

Free SSL Certificates

Players like AskSSL,, CloudFlare, Lets Encrypt provide free SSL Certificates to the World. As at February 2020, Lets Encrypt has issued more than 1 billion SSL certificate. Premium SSL providers such as Comodo, Digicert, GeoTrust among others are still in business providing Advanced Web Security Solutions.

With Cloud Security completely transformed, the world attention has turned to Website – the ease, the speed and the cost of Website Design and Development. Efforts to get everyone online has created a demand for instant website development at no cost.

The advancement of computing power and Artificial Intelligence has led to the evolution of machine generated websites.

Free Website, Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate

A few organization have managed to come up with unique business model that allow them to offer free websites. One such company that is thriving at offering a free website package is free website package include the following features:

Free Domain

Display Branding

SSL certificate

SEO Tools

DNS Management

Ready-to-use templates

200 MB Disk Space

1 Website Package


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