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How Much Does it Cost to Replace an SSL Certificate in 2024? Your Complete Guide to SSL Certificate Costs

The cost to replace an SSL certificate can vary widely. Understanding the different types of SSL certificates and the factors that influence pricing is crucial to making an informed decision. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about how much does it cost to replace an SSL certificate in 2024.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. It’s essential for safeguarding sensitive data transmitted between a user’s web browser and the web server.

When you replace an SSL certificate, you’re essentially renewing the existing certificate to maintain the security of your website.

Understanding SSL Certificate Costs in 2024

How much does it cost to replace an SSL certificate? The answer isn’t straightforward. SSL certificate prices can range from free (like Let’s Encrypt) to hundreds of dollars per year. Several factors influence the cost:

Type of SSL Certificate:

  • Domain Validation (DV): The most basic and affordable option, verifying domain ownership only.
  • Organization Validation (OV): Verifies domain ownership and organization details, providing a higher level of trust.
  • Extended Validation (EV): The most rigorous validation process, displaying the company name in the browser’s address bar for maximum trust.

Number of Domains or Subdomains:

  • Single-domain SSL: Secures one domain or subdomain.
  • Wildcard SSL: Secures a domain and all its subdomains.
  • Multi-domain SSL: Secures multiple domains and subdomains under one certificate.
  • Brand of Certificate Authority (CA): Reputable CAs like Digicert, GeoTrust, and others often charge more due to their brand recognition and additional features.

Some SSL certificates come with extra perks like vulnerability scanning, malware removal, or warranty coverage, which can increase the price.

Types of SSL Certificates and Their Prices

Let’s dive deeper into the different types of SSL certificates and their associated costs:

  • DV SSL Certificates: These are the cheapest and easiest to obtain. Prices start as low as $5 per year. They’re suitable for blogs, personal websites, or small businesses that don’t handle sensitive customer data.
  • OV SSL Certificates: OV SSL certificates provide a higher level of trust by verifying the organization’s details. Prices typically start around $50 per year. They are recommended for e-commerce websites, business websites, and organizations that need to establish trust with their users.
  • EV SSL Certificates: EV SSL certificates offer the highest level of trust and security. They undergo a rigorous validation process, and the company name is displayed in the browser’s address bar. Prices start around $200 per year and are ideal for large e-commerce sites, financial institutions, and any organization that handles sensitive data.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL certificates are a cost-effective option for securing a domain and all its subdomains. Prices start around $50 per year. They are ideal for businesses that have multiple subdomains and want to simplify their SSL certificate management.
  • Multi-domain SSL Certificates: Multi-domain SSL certificates can secure multiple domains and subdomains under one certificate. Prices start around $100 per year and are ideal for businesses that own multiple websites or domains.

Digicert Secure Site Pro: A Popular Choice for Businesses

Digicert is a well-known and trusted Certificate Authority (CA) that offers a wide range of SSL products, including Digicert Secure Site Pro. This particular SSL certificate is a popular choice for businesses that require a high level of security and trust.

How to Buy an SSL Certificate

You can purchase an SSL certificate from various sources, including:

  • Certificate Authorities: You can buy directly from the CA, like Digicert or GeoTrust.
  • Hosting Providers: Many hosting providers offer SSL certificates as part of their hosting packages or as an add-on service.
  • SSL Resellers: Some companies specialize in selling SSL certificates from various CAs.

When purchasing an SSL certificate, consider the type of certificate, the number of domains you need to secure, and your budget.


Knowing how much it costs to replace an SSL certificate is vital for maintaining the security and trustworthiness of your website. By understanding the different types of SSL certificates and their associated costs, you can choose the right certificate for your needs and budget.

Remember, an SSL certificate is an investment in your website’s security and reputation. Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality SSL certificate to protect your users and your business.

I hope this comprehensive guide has answered your questions about SSL certificate costs in 2024.

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