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How much should an SSL certificate cost?

How much should an SSL certificate cost?

SSL certificate is used to protect sensitive information such as credit numbers, usernames, passwords etc. sent over the internet. SSL ensures data relayed only reaches the intended receiver. SSL renders the information unintelligible format to everyone except the intended receiver or server and message will have no meaning to attacker who intercepts the message.

SSL certificate can be purchased from the certificate providers (CA) or from SSL resellers. The cost of SSL certificate varies among the SSL providers depending on the discounts and packages they offer. Cheap SSL providers may not be ideal to purchase from as they may lack required browser compatibility and may not provide the required trust required by customers.

There 3 types of SSL certificate:

  • Domain validate certificate (DV)

These certificate are checked against the domain registry without identifying organization information. DV certificates are the cheapest certificate. The DV certificate cost ranges from 5-7 dollars per year and they have limited number of domain and subdomain that can be secured. For instance, Domain validated package in costs 6.39 dollars.

  • Organization validated certificate (OV).

They offer strict authentication and contains valid and specific information to organization and is widely used for commercial websites. The cost for OV certificate ranges from 50-70 dollars.  OV certificate at sells at 60.8 dollar per year.

  • Extended Validated certificate (EV).

EV certificate verifies the entity as a legal entity that controls the site and is widely used by big leading company. EV cost ranges from 90-110 dollars per year. The Green Bar EV certificate costs (EV) sells at 99 dollars per year at

The cost of SSL certificate is determined by type of the package that you choose and features bundled in the package. The cost may increase if you select Add-ons such as installation.

SSL certificate cost and brands

  • Comodo

It’s the leading SSL certificate provider at cost of 5.99 dollar for domain validation certificate which suites startup and small business and offers unlimited server license, warrant and immediate validation and assurance. Comodo offers variety of certificate such as EssentialSSL wildcard and Comodo wildcard certificate, positiveSSL multi-domain certificate at cost of $77.19, $161 and $19 USD respectively with 256 bit encryption.

  • GeoTrust

Offers certificate SSL certificate which include True business ID Organization (OV) certificate at cost of $218 per year. It offers features such as 256 bit encryption and extended validation

  • Thawte

Provides certificates such as SSL 123, SSL web certificate with EV, SSL 123 wildcard certificate at cost of $149, $344 and $745 per year.

  • RapidSSL

It provides both rapidSSl certificate and RapidSSL wildcard certificate at cost of $12 and $9 respectively.  Features offered include 128 /256 encryption, unlimited server license at no extra cost and full domain validation method.


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