A Million SSL Globally Target
November 17, 2018
Number one SSL store in the World
November 17, 2018


It is worth noting that SSL protocol was preceded by a more secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) in 1999 but people continue to refer the technology as SSL.

How SSL Works:

  • The first party in this case a browser or a server initiate communication by making request to connect to a website, the web server hosting the website which is secured by a SSL.
  • The browser/server request the web server to identify itself.
  • The Web server simply sends a copy of the SSL certificate of the site being accessed to the browser or server.
  • The requesting party – browser or server checks the copy of the SSL Certificate received to see if it trusts the SSL Certificate, if it does it sends a message to the web server.
  • The Web server sends back an acknowledgement digitally signed by the SSL certificate declaring intent to start an encrypted session
  • After this start of an encrypted session, encrypted communication is shared between the browser/server and the web browser.
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