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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019
Limitations of Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Limitations of Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Limitations of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

The most popular SSL certificate is the Lets Encrypt SSL certificate which is a free SSL certificate. SO what are limitation of Lets Encrypt SSL certificate – What can Lets Encrypt not do?

Organization Validation/ Extended Validation

Let’s Encrypt issues Domain Validated SSL Certificates, if one need Organization Validated (OV)  or  Extended Validated SSL certificate, Lets Encrypt cannot issue and they don’t plan to start to issue.


Let’s Encrypt CA is relatively new and it may have compatibility or Trust issues with some devices and browsers. It takes time for a new CA to be trusted by devices and browsers in the market.

90 days period

Let’s encrypt is only issue for a 90 day period and therefore you cannot have a longer period than 90 days for your SSL certificate.

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