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What SSL Certificate To Buy? [100% Solved]

Last updated on February 24th, 2021 at 05:27 am

Wondering what SSL certificate to buy for your website? In this article, we cover the 3 common types of SSL that you can install into your web server. 


The major role of SSL is to offer security through encryption. However, the SSL certificates are categorized based on the extra purpose they offer.


What SSL certificate to buy

As aforementioned, there are 3 types of SSL certificate:

  • Extended validated SSL certificate
  • Organizational certificate 
  • Domain validated certificate


All these types offer the same encryption level and only differ on the vetting and verification process in obtaining them. 


#1. Domain validation (DV) SSL certificate

They are the cheapest SSL certificates. Here, the certificate authority only verifies the right of an applicant of the domain. 

Applicants only prove control of a given domain name to CA to be issued a certificate. The company information is never vetted no displayed in the security seal. The only information displayed is the cryptographic information.


  1. First issuance – Since no company information is required
  2. No company paperwork- You don’t need to submit any information regarding your business to receive this certificate.
  3. Cheap – Domain validated SSL certificates are the most affordable type of SSL certificate
  4. Fully supported by browsers 


  1. Lacks strong verification

While you are sure the information is secure, you cannot be sure who is truly receiving the information on the other end.


When to use domain validated SSL certificates

This type of SSL is ideal for businesses needing low-cost SSL quickly and without the effort of submitting company documents.

Also, can be used in sites that transmit less sensitive information.

#2. Organizational Validation (OV) certificate 

Here, the applicant not only proves control of a domain name but also provides additional information to the CA.

The CA vets the organizational information which often appears on the security seal. This increases the visibility of the other party hence enhance trust.



  1. Offers high assurance 
  2. More secure to attacks such as phishing  
  3.  Business becomes a more trustworthy especially online business



  1. Longer issuance time usually 2-3 days depending on the CA
  2. Expensive compared to domain validated SSL certificates 


When to use OV certificates 

OV certificates are highly recommended for online businesses that involve collecting highly sensitive information from users. 


#3. Extended validation certificates  

With the Ev SSL, the CA checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name plus, it conducts a careful vetting of the organization.

EV guidelines formulated in 2007, specify strict steps undertakes before issuing a certificate to an applicant.

Also, the EV audit guidelines specify the criteria under which a CA needs to be successfully audited before issuing EV SSL Certificates


  1. Highly secure due to decreased phishing scams
  2. Offer the highest level of trust
  3. They offer high confidence to customers



  1. Long issuance time
  2. Very expensive

When to use EV certificates 

Since they offer the highest level of security, EV certificates are ideal for businesses that collect highly sensitive information such as online businesses.


This article is steered to help you know what SSL certificate to buy for your website. Though all the types serve to offer extra security, understanding the security level required for your site is decisive in choosing the right SSL certificate.


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