lets encypt vs other ssl
Let’s Encrypt is Free why do I need to buy an SSL Certificate.
August 8, 2019
Lets Encrypt
What is Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate?
August 8, 2019

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF – Electronic Frontier Foundation

It’s a bigger Non-profit organization founded by John GilmoreMitch Kaporin  and John P Barlow  in 1990 to fight for civil liberties in the internet. Based in San Francisco, California, US.

It has a revenue/budget of over $11 m as at 2019 and with more than 70 employees.

During inception activism was against law enforcement bodies who were ignorant of the emerging internet. EFF over the years has challenged other players including Big Tech that violates those liberties – such as privacy and obtaining patent that suppress innovations – (The Patent Busting Project).

In 2011 EFF reported to have received $1M settlement from Google on Google Buzz privacy issues.

Read more on EFF on their website: www.eff.org

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