Why your Online Business is failing according to AskSSL – Opinion

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Why you should upgrade Lets Encrypt to a Premium SSL
August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019
business suceess

business suceess

Who is AskSSL

Askssl.com is an expert in cyber security, a leading Global provider of SSL certificate. This simple advice is not multi-dimensional and probably it’s bias but not misleading. It has been reviewed as very helpful.

Steps to Solution.

  1. Check your SSL Certificate
  2. Do you have an SSL Certificate, is all your traffic via https – if No – you are not ready for online Business in 2019. Its technically mandatory to have an SSL Certificate in 2019.
  3. Are you using Lets Encrypt or Cpanel SSL or CloudFlare SSL or another Free SSL..? – Get serious and invest in a commercial SSL certificate – that is what a section of your web visitors are thinking.
  4. Looking to get the business to the next level. Consider investing in an Organization Validated SSL Certificate or the ultimate indicator of credibility – Extended Validated SSL Certificate (the green bar SSL).
  5. If you have OV or EV and the business is still failing – look elsewhere, SSL Certificate is not the problem.
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